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My training in martial arts reflects the degree of character and integrity which pours over into all aspects of my life.  I believe we all remain students in some way on our life journey.  Even great masters and instructors still have much to learn in their journey to "master of self".  I continuously strive to learn more and gain precious knowledge from martial arts masters and fellow brothers in Christ from all walks of life.

My martial arts journey begins in 2000.  I began my training studying the traditional Korean martial art under the  International Tae Kwon Do Federation system.  Grandmaster Philip Plumber became my first teacher and remained a crucial part of my development as martial artist over the next 19 years.  To this date, Grandmaster Plumber remains a valuable mentor.

In 2007, I expanded my horizon to study under Armando's Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Weapon, where I studied under the Master himself, Armando Beltran.  Master Beltran continued training me until 2009.  Moving forward, I transitioned to study a new art called Hapkido under the American Institute of Modern Hapkido Instruction or A.I.M.H.I. for short.  Here, I began studying in 2010 and trained closely with Hapkido Master, Master Marcus Gillespie with direct instruction from Grandmaster Duvall.  Studying Hapkido under Master Gillespie challenged me because it was so different from what I have experience thus far.  Hapkdio, meaning "way of coordinated power" has become a central part of my martial arts career.  At the same time, I also began studying under the International Tae Kwon Do Alliance system in 2010; which is now known as Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.  I trained closely with Instructor Bryce Bicknell and Master Brad Hoffman.

Today I continue to train and learn from those who have so much more experience than myself.  I consider myself a young martial artist since I began my training in 2000, giving me only 19 years of experience.  In 2014, I decided to give back some of what I have learned through my 19 years by combining my training into one program called Soldier For Christ Martial Arts.  To this day, Soldier For Christ Martial Arts is a growing martial arts program which has developed into a stable martial arts team at multiple Christian schools in the Houston and Katy area.

Ranks acquired by Instructor Sowers to date:

        1)  Soldier For Christ Martial Arts - Certified 4th Degree Black Belt, Senior Instructor

        2) International Tae Kwon Do Federation - Certified 4th Degree Black Belt                       


        3)  International Tae Kwon Do Alliance - Level 2, Certified 1st Degree Black Belt          


        4) American Institute of Modern Hapkido Instruction - Recommended 1st Dan Black Belt   


        5)  Master Armando's Martial Arts: Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Weapon - Black Belt

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2018 Spring Tournament

The Sowers Family


2019 Spring Tournament